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Computer Administration

All computers (owned by OSU) that are not located in the student computing labs, conference rooms or faculty and staff offices are designated to be research computers. Research computers are administered by a graduate student appointed by his/her faculty advisor. These group administrators are responsible for coordinating hardware/software purchasessoftware installationscompliance with the Client Computing Security Standard (CCSS) , request of accounts (for other members of the group) and interaction with the ECR6 IT staff. In most cases there is a single administrator; very large research groups are permitted to have two.

Although this document is largely concerned with the role of the Group Administrator,  the same terms apply to any end-user (faculty,staff or students) with administrative access on departmental computers that are configured to use the departmental network. So, the terms "Group Administrator" and "person with administrative access to a computer" may be used more or less equivalently, and you may assume this synonymous usage throughout this document and other (directly or indirectlly) linked material.