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ECR6 IT Staff

ECR6 is what is often used to refer to the IT staff who have traditionally served the departments of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE), and Materials Science and Engineering (MSE).  In 2014, IT support in the College of Engineering started a restructuring process, and there are no longer actually any departmental IT staff.  There are currently two IT staff members who have historically served these departments, Geoff Hulse and Mike Davis, who work largely in other roles, but have some knowledge that may be of use.

By default, all problems and requests should be directed to the ETS Helpdesk.  A member of the college IT staff will attend to the issue as soon as possible (who may or may not be Geoff or Mike, dependnig on the nature of the issue).  You should only initiate contact directly with Geoff or Mike as a last resort.

Geoff Hulse

 292-3589, Office: CB352, Serves CBE

Mike Davis

 292-6928, Office: WA197, Serves MSE