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Email and other services provided by the OCIO

University Email Service (UES)

All faculty and staff are now required to use the University Email Service (UES). Forwarding to external email providers (such as Gmail, Hotmail or YahooMail) will be disallowed at a future date.

MicroSoft Outlook is the default mail program; Thunderbird and other clients may work but are not supported by the OCIO. Outlook may be run as a standalone client (both Windows and Macintosh) or within a web browser (Outlook Web App), by connecting to and clicking on the University Email Service button.

Please note the following:

  • ECR6 staff do not have any administrative involvement with the mail server itself; that responsibility ended when we deactivated the VMS server and migrated the accounts to the UES. Users experiencing problems with their email should call 8HELP first;  resolving the problem will probably be quicker that way, rather than waiting for the ECR6 staff to intervene. (There are two College employees with administrative access who may be of help in cases where the OCIO requires assistance.) When necessary, the OCIO may suggest involving the ECR6 staff.

  • Storage on the UES is divided into two areas: online and archive. All users receive 1 GB of quota in the online space - the archive is unlimited. User are expected to migrate their old mail to the archive manually, or configure Outlook to do it for them automatically based on date. If you exceed your online quota, you will receive a notice stating that incoming mail will continue to function but outgoing will not.

    • Email in the archive is not visible to native mail clients on most mobile devices, both Android and Apple iOS. You will have to view it using Web App. Unfortunately, the same restriction applies to Outlook for Macintosh.

  • In order to use your mobile device with the UES, you must call 8HELP and ask that ActiveSync be enabled for your name.# account. Doing so has one major repercussion - the OCIO will be able to remote wipe your mobile device if it has been stolen or compromised (in order to protect University restricted data).

  • The University Email Service now blocks certain types of attachments.Please see this link for details.

Site Licensed Software

The University OCIO has site licensed numerous software packages, availabe free or at reduced cost to faculty, staff and students. See the complete list here. Users can download the software by submitting a request via the self service portal.