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Email distribution lists

This is a list of "e-mail groups" defined on the OSU faculty/staff University E-mail Service (UES), for use by departmental personnel.  The names cited below that are of the form "_ENG ..." are intended to be specified from Outlook or OWA (the Web interface to the UES at


  • _ENG CBE Admin = CBE faculty and staff
  • _ENG CBE Faculty = CBE faculty
  • _ENG CBE Graduate Students = CBE grad. students
  • _ENG CBE Group Admins = research group IT liaisons
  • _ENG CBE Researchers = visiting scholars, post-docs, etc.
  • _ENG CBE Staff = CBE admin. and tech. staff
  • _ENG CBE Students = CBE grad. and undergrad. students
  • _ENG CBE Undergrad = CBE undergrad. students
  • _ENG CBE Users = all CBE users (cites most of the lists, above)
  • _ENG CBE-ASSIST Full Access Group = mail address for CBE student office staff


  • _ENG MSE Admin = all MSE/WE faculty and staff
  • _ENG MSE Faculty = all MSE/WE faculty
  • _ENG WE Faculty = only WE faculty
  • _ENG MSE Graduate Students = MSE (not WE) grad. students
  • _ENG WE Graduate Students = WE (not MSE) grad. students
  • _ENG MSE/WE Graduates = all MSE/WE grad. students
  • _ENG MSE Group Admins = research group IT liaisons
  • _ENG MSE Researchers = all MSE/WE visiting scholars, post-docs, etc.
  • _ENG MSE/WE Staff = all MSE/WE admin. and tech. staff
  • _ENG MSE Students = all MSE/WE grad. and undergrad. students
  • _ENG MSE Undergrad = MSE (not WE) undergrad. students
  • _ENG WE Undergrad = WE (not MSE) undergrad. students
  • _ENG MSE/WE Undergrad = all MSE/WE undergrad. students
  • _ENG MSE Users = all MSE users; cites most of the lists, above
  • _ENG MSE-ASSIST Full Access Group = mail address for MSE student office staff