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Printing Policies

There are numerous printers located throughout the building complex, including a handful of Xerox Workcentre multifunction devices. Most of the printers, however, are owned by and assigned exclusively to a specific lab, research group or faculty member; they are not accessible to the general public. Wherever possible, users are encouraged to utilize the large WorkCentre printers - it saves money and is easier to manage than dozens of individual printers. There are clearly exceptions to this policy, however, and no one is denied use of a personal printer when they can demonstrate a need for one (printing grades to a remote device is not encouraged, for example). Also, it is not possible to print on a device attached to the department network from a personally owned computer (e.g. connected via OSU Wireless).

Print Quotas

Each of the student computing labs has at least one HP Laserjet 600 printer. All students receive a semester print quota of 500 pages. This quota is renewed each semester. It cannot be transferred or carried over, and you cannot borrow against the future. We are in the process of implementing a new print quota solution that will allow students to print additional pages, using their BuckID card.

It should be noted that printing resources are provided for course related work in the local departments (CBE and MSE); these resources are NOT intended for general printing needs. For example, if you choose to print a 100-page chemistry report using the local printers, that's 100 pages that you won't be able to use for your CBE/MSE classes. It's up to the users to decide how they want to utilize their print quotas, so they should be judicious in this regard. Print quotas will not be extended for users, barring system problems which may generate erroneous usage data. (If you believe your usage records are in error, please bring it to the attention of system management.)

Large format printing

We have an HP DesignJet Z6 for printing faculty and student posters. There is no charge for official department purposes, including conferences, class presentations or student organizations (such as the AIChE). Please note the following:

  • A (single) poster should be submitted at least three (3) working days in advance, leaving sufficient time for corrections, hardware failures or scheduling conflicts. Keep in mind that a poster can take up to 30 minutes to print after it's submitted to the printer. In short, the sooner a poster can be submitted, the better.

    Printing a quantity of posters needs due consideration from whomever is requesting them to anticipate resource contention. For multiple posters for an event, please advise on the total number as soon as possible, so that we can ensure adequate resoures (paper, in particular) are on hand. A submission deadline also needs to be established which will be strictly enforced that is well ahead of the "poster session" date.

    Always include the date when you need a poster in your request.

  • Posters will generally only be printed within the confines of normal university business hours. (Submissions are welcome at any time.) When you submit a poster, please identify your department and provide some information as to its purpose. Also be sure to mention when you need to have it.

  • The HP DesignJet Z6 printer uses 36 inch paper rolls. Thus we cannot print anything that exceeds that size in both dimensions (such as 48 x 48 inches). The most common size of a poster is 36 x 48 inches, and resources (such as paper rolls) are ordered based on this size.

  • The printer is located in a room in the new CBEC building that is often used for classes. Print jobs can only be submitted or retrieved when a class or presentation is not scheduled, so bear in mind that access to the printer is not always available.

  • Specifying a one-half inch margin is typical, but you may be able to specify a margin as small as one-quarter inch. Content that is designed to extend to the edge of the paper may be adjusted by the printer driver, such that elements of the poster are moved around and potentially ruin your page layout. For best results, always specify a margin between your content and the edge of the page. For example, a one-half inch margin for the typical size poster will result in content that is 35x47 inches, centered in a one-half inch border around that content, on a sheet of paper that is 36x48 inches.

  • Users can submit PowerPoint files, PDF documents or .jpg files. Make sure to modify the document size to match your poster - by default it is 8 x 10 inches, which is almost certainly too small. If a poster is too big to email, put it in a BuckeyeBox folder and send the link to the appropriate IT staff member. In CBE, posters can be sent to; in MSE, you can send your posters to

  • When a poster is printed, the person who submitted it will be notified. You should not expect the poster to be available until such notification.

Note for MSE users: Using the large format printer that is shared with CBE is only available for tasks that cite or include the work of MSE students. For example, a poster documenting a post-doctoral researcher's own work will likely not be appropriate use. In such cases, please refer to this list of alternatives.