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Software installed in the student computing labs

Software Acquistion Process

All software that will be used by an instructor in the ECR6 computing labs must be requested in advance of each academic term -  to ensure that the correct (or current) version of an application is running properly, and has not been “broken” by recent updates or operating system patches.


  • Faculty submits software requests to the IT staff for review: Is it already installed and up to date? Can it be supported by our computing labs, and/or is it redundant or unnecessary?

  • If the application request is already installed, under $2000 or involves renewal of existing software, the IT Director may elect to proceed at his discretion. If it is a new request and over $2000, it will be submitted to the Computing Committee (CC) for further review.

  • If the CC (including the participation of the IT staff) approves, an eRequest will be submitted to OSU purchasing by the instructor.

  • Software will be installed (or when appropriate, updated) on the “clonemaster” by the IT staff. (AU14 Deadline, 6/27/14)

  • Instructors (or their teaching assistants) will test the software, in a robust, real world manner, including such things as scripting, online HELP and printing. Preferably, this would include an actual class assignment. A sign-off sheet will be part of the process. (AU14 Deadline, 7/11/14)

  • Where possible, the IT staff will make necessary changes (as revealed by the testing process), test again, and finally build a master “image” for deployment in the computing labs. Save for automatic updates (anti-virus, operating system or vulnerability related patches delivered via Secunia)  no further revisions will be made to the master image after this time. (AU14 Deadline, 8/1/14)

  • The IT staff will complete the image mastering process and deploy the new image on the lab computers after the last day of final exams. (AU14 Deadline, 8/22/14)

List of software that was deployed for the Spring 2014 semester:
  • Abaqus
  • ChemCad
  • CES 2013
  • CrystalMaker
  • Gamry Echem Analyst
  • JMatPro
  • JMP 10
  • Labview 2013 (SE/ELVIS)
  • MagmaSoft (no quote as of yet)
  • Matlab R2013b
  • MathType
  • MS Office *
  • OLI Stream and Corrosion Analyzers
  • Pandat (no quote as of yet)
  • Procast (no quote as of yet)
  • SigmaPlot
  • SolidWorks
  • SuperPro Designer
  • SysWeld
  • Thermo-Calc
* MS Office is the only package deployed each semester with no faculty request.


License Codes

Some of the packages,such as CrystalMaker (which is restricted to MSE users) can also be downloaded by our faculty and students. The license codes and installers are kept in the Content area of a Carmen "Ongoing" course with self-enrollment: ECR6 Intranet If you have not already “enrolled” (and can’t see “ECR6 Intranet” on your Carmen, My Home page) the instructions for joining a course with "self-enrollment" are located at: