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Student Computer Labs

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering no longer share computing facilities.The MSE labs are located in old Koffolt Laboratories (currently known as "140 West 19th Avenue"), rooms 132, 134 and 135, and Watts Hall, room 097. The CBE labs are located in 151, 153 and 016 CBEC. Faculty wishing to reserve these rooms should contact Mark Cooper (MSE) or Brian Endres (CBE).

Keycard Access

Access to the computing labs (and building) is granted via BuckID cards at all times; the doors are always locked. Requests for access are processed by the appropriate academic advisor: Brian Endres and Angela Bennet (CBE), Megan Daniels and Mark Cooper (MSE).  Cards that have been replaced (either lost, stolen or just worn out) must be re-submitted; the data is not automatically updated in the keycard database. Please do not send BuckID card numbers via email; they are considered restricted data. Problems with the outside door card readers should be reported directly to the building coordinators: David Cade (CBE) and Ken Kushner (MSE).


All software used in the student computing labs is installed at the request of an instructor teaching a course in CBE or MSE; we do not install general purpose applications or software necessary to complete assignments in other departments or colleges. The software inventory may change from one semester to another, as applications are replaced with something new or improved, are removed due to being classified as end-of-life (EOL) by the vendor, no longer function due to hardware changes or OS upgrades, or are no longer needed.

A complete list of the current sofware inventory and process to acquire new applications can be found here.

Computing Lab Inventory

KL 132 and KL 134 - 36 seats in each room

The labs in KL 132 and 134 are designed to function an an interactive classroom and based on the concept of collaborative learning. Students are arranged in groups, six to a table, view instructional material and work together to complete the assigment. The all-in-one computers are attached to flexible monitor arms, allowing them to optimize viewing angles, whether sitting or standing. Aisle space has been optimized (throught the use of custom tables) to facilitate sharing.

Each room features thirty-six HP TouchSmart computers, large wall mounted LCDs and switching equipment that allows output from both the instructor's station and the student desktops to be displayed on the wall units. Additionally, both these two rooms can be ganged together to function as one classroom, with the output from the former displayed on the wall units in each room. Sound and video of the instructor and students are relayed from one room to the other.There is also a streaming video server. All of these functions can be controlled via a Crestron panel. See instructions here.

KL 135 - 21 seats

KL 135 features a 3M Smartboard, which is a combination whiteboard/projector all-in-one unit.It is attached to a PC and can mirror anything on the screen. It also includes an electronic annotation pen. See instuctions here.

Watts 097 - 39 seats

The computing lab in Watts 097 features 39 HP TouchSmart 9300 computers. Due to the heritage of the room (it once served as the Chemical Abstracts library) it does not work well as a classroom; the old bookcases obstruct vision from one end of the room to the other.

Lab monitors

The MSE lab monitor's desk is located in Koffolt 135, to the left of the door as you enter. The CBE lab monitors desk is located in CBEC 151, in the front of the room, next to the door. Lab monitors keep the facility clean, maintain the printers and serve as a point of contact, reporting problems back to ECR6 management. In most cases, they are not technical consultants, although some of the students may be familiar with various software packages (from prior class experience).