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The term Engineering Computing Region 6 (ECR6), formerly known as the Koffolt Computer Graphics Lab (KCGL), was used in the past to describe one of a number of computer laboratories operated for students in the College of Engineering. Although it no longer has the same meaning (there are no computing regions in the College any more) the term "Region 6" or ECR6, is now understood to describe all IT related support for the departments of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE), and Materials Science and Engineering (MSE).

LOCAL SYSTEM STATUS - Updated 5/27/2014 (Please see the OCIO SYSTEM STATUS page for non local service outages)

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Note: When sending e-mail to the helpdesk, you must send from the server (for faculty/staff) or the server (for students). E-mail sent from other systems will likely be classified as spam, and not be available to support personnel in the helpdesk system.

The helpdesk is not a discussion forum.  The helpdesk is for one person to request assistance or report a problem to the IT staff. One of the IT staff will respond by taking ownership of the helpdesk ticket and that one IT staff member (and maybe others) will interact with the ticket's initiator, directly.  When sending a message to the helpdesk, do NOT also send to individual IT staff members' addresses, as this is redundant and will only confuse things.

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