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Interactive Classrooms (KL 132/134) Instructions

KL 132 and 134 have been designed to function as collaborative classrooms. When operated in "Main" mode, output from the instuctor's PC is displayed on all of the large LCDs in the room. When operated in "Collaboration" mode, students can display output from an individual PC onto the display mounted directly above that table by depressing the relevant button on a wall mounted switchbox. (The buttons correspond to the PC's location on the table. The top left button applies to the unit closet to the wall on the left side of the table. You must hold the button down for 5-10 seconds until it starts blinking.) The system will automatically revert to Collaboration mode after 120 minutes of use in Main mode.

Live video can be streamed or recorded from KL 132. Click on "Recording" and then choose "Record" to start. Students can view the presentation remotely by connecting to the streaming server They should login with the "user" account, no password is required. From the left hand navigator bar, you can either "Watch Live Stream" or "Watch Videos" for previously recorded lectures. (Note: you must click on the "streaming" button, which resembles a bunch of wavy lines, rather than the "play" button, which resembles an arrow, to watch the movie.) There is a lapel microphone and long audio cable stored on top of the equipment rack in KL 132. Instructors are advised to use it if they wish to record high quality audio (rather than the sound picked up by the ceiling microphones).

Each of the these labs has its own Crestron contol panel. The unit in KL 132 is slightly different, as this room serves as the control station when the labs are operated in master/slave mode. The Crestron panel is KL 134 is smaller (there are no recording options) and includes one addtional button to "Release Bondage", breaking the link with KL 132 and allowing the room to function as a separate classroom.

When the labs are operated in master/slave mode, video from the instructor's PC in KL 132 is displayed on all wall mounted LCDs in 132 and 134, save the instructors display in the room;  camera video of the instructor is displayed on that unit. At the same time, video of the students in KL 134 is displayed on 40 inch LCD (confidence monitor) in the back of KL 132. Microphones in the ceiling pick up and exchange the sound of students and instructors.

By choosing "Annotation", instructors can markup their presentation using various drawing tools - the output is mirrored to all of the wall mounted LCDs.The Samsung display located in the front of KL 134  (by the instructor's PC) is a touch device. After selecting "Annotation" on the Crestron panel, instructors can draw directly on the display itself (rather than the telestrator screen in KL 132). It can also function as an electronic whiteboard. The menu can be accessed by touching the icon in the upper right hand corner. An overview of the annotation tools is available here.

(Note: the annotation hardware used by the Samsung display may "hang" and the screen will not respond. You can reset it by cycling the powerstrip hanging above the door between the two rooms)

Menu descriptions

Note: The password is 12345.

  • Source Select - Display Control Menu
    • Sources:
      • Home PC - the instructor's computer, permanently installed in the room
      • DVI Guest PC - a laptop connected via the DVI port
      • VGA Guest PC - a laptop connected via the VGA port
    • Workgroup Display
      • Collaboration Mode - output from individual PCs on the lab tables can be display on the wall mounted LCDs directly overhead
      • Main - putput from the instructor's computer is displayed on all of the wall mounted LCDs
    • Main Display
      • Power On - turns off the instructors wall mounted LCD
      • Power Off - turns on the instructor's wall mounted LCD
    • Computer  - used to set audio levels
  • Annotation - enables a telestrator type annotation screen. Annotation is visible on all wall mounted LCDs.
  • Recording - Select Source
    • Camera - streams/captures video from the wall mounted camera only
    • Computer - streams/captures video from the Home PC
    • PIP - streams/captures video from both sources, displaying the camera view in a box inside the right-hand corner of the PC view
    • Stop
      • Pressing stop will prompt you "Copy to Flash" or "Without Copy"
    • Record
  • Room Set Up
    • Combine - combines KL 132 and KL 134 into a single AV classroom
    • Separate - allows each lab to function as a separate classroom
    • Room 134 Instructor Computer (audio levels)