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Network Connectivity in Conference Rooms

Due to security constraints, there is no wired network connection to the PCs provided in FL 145 or WA 184. Users logging in via the Guest account can either connect to OSU Wireless (osuwireless) using their name.# credentials or accept the terms and conditions offered by the WiFi@OSU public network. (Faculty, staff and students of OSU should use osuwireless.)

After logging on to the PC, a "balloon" should pop up (above the system task bar) asking for additional information. If you click on the balloon, you can authenticate with the osuwireless network. If you click on the icon to which the balloon is pointing (it looks like a set of signal strength bars), a box displaying the available wireless networks will appear, from which you can select the WiFi@OSU network. Once connected to WiFi@OSU, you need to fire up a Web browser and attempt to access a site. This initial connection attempt will be intercepted by a "captive portal", where you will then be given the opportunity to accept the terms and conditions of using the WiFi@OSU wireless network. Upon acceptance, you can generally browse freely, and use other Internet clients.

Please remember to logout after your session, in order to terminate the network connection and relinquish your credentials.